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Pollutants reduction in small biomass combustion systems


The goal of this proposal is to improve the design and determine the proper operation conditions of an innovative biomass combustion system for small installations(50-2000 KW)for heating applications,in order to reduce the NOx-CO emissions, through the development of computing studies and appropiate measurements that will be carried out on existing boilers in operation.The programme of work includes an extense computing work to define the desing modifications in the existing boilers as well as the moni.torir of modified boilers operating in real conditions for heating uses different types of biomasses and wstes and, eventua]ly mixtures of them.
One partial goal of the proposal is the development and va]idation of a model to predict NOx-CO production in the biomas combustors.

The work to fulfill the objectives proposed will be:

- Simulation of the fluid mechanincs and thermomechanics of the combustor
- Development and application of a postprocessor to model NOx formation
- Cold simulation tests

- Verification of the simulation model and possible design modifications
- Operation with an optimized boiler(160 KW) and large number of biomasses and mixtures of them in real operation conditions for domestic heat purposes. Emissions measurements and optimization of the combustor.
The applicability of the development proposed is in some of the most important markets of biomass energy in all the EU countries such as those of demestic heat and drying sectors.

In improves the feasibi]ity of utilization of biomass in the cited sectors by avoiding the most important problems that the present technologies have both on the operational and environmental points of view.

On the other hand the linkage i.n the participating group of the company IDEX Iberica, S.A. assures the further commercial application of the results obtained at an European dimension.

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