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Development of a 1 MW wind turbine


In 1990 Nordic Windpower began the development of a 400 kW wind turbine, with the intention of exploiting the know-how from the technically successful Swedish development of large wind turbines - the Maglarp 3 MW wind turbine is now in its 12th year of operation. The Nordic 400 is an uncomplicated design that utilizes the soft design concept to the extent practical. Thus it has been possible to build the turbine about 40% lighter than conventional turbines of the same size.

The main objectives of the project are:
1. To analyze and evaluate different materials and manufacturing processes for the manufacturing of rotor blades for large wind turbines, and by using advanced composite materials to reduce the rotor weight and manufacture more efficient, environmentally friendly blades.
2. On the basis of the above mentioned evaluation of materials and processes, to select the most suitable method, and by manufacturing a number of prototype rotor blades, to develop a new process with special focus on the commercial optimization of rotor blades for large wind turbines.

The Nordic 1000 will utilize the same principal design as the 400 kW turbine. The 52 meter diameter two-bladed upwind and stall-regulated rotor is connected to a teeter hub with elastomeric bearings. The main rotor bearings are integrated in the planetary gear box. Both gear box and generator are flanged to the tubular machine bed. There is a mechanical brake on the secondary shaft capable of absorbing the nominal torque.
The GRP blades are equipped with rotatable tips for emergency braking. At all operational conditions an over-run condition can be avoided by either the two blade tip brakes or one blade tip and the mechanical brake. The soft tower is a welded steel shell construction. The hub height will be about 56 meters.
The turbine is run at variable speed at low wind speed and stall-regulated at a nearly constant RPM at higher wind speeds.
As the Nordic 400, the 1000 kW turbine is all soft: teeter hinge, soft shaft, soft yaw and a soft tower. The objective is that short term wind speed variations due to wind shear and turbulence shall not increase the loading of the turbine. The compact design and the small loads result in a
low weight, about 70 tons in total.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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