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Social costs of rational use of energy


To set up a global framework to evaluate the social costs of rational energy use.

The accounting framework which is used in the EC/US project will be supplemented by the social costs and benefits of rational energy use.

The work will start from existing EC activities in the field of external costs of fuel cycles. The concept of external costs will also include social costs, such as macro-economic impacts of measures like thermal insulation of buildings, waste recycling, efficiency improvement, ... Costs as well as benefits associated with energy conservation policies will be assessed.

This will be applied to four specific cases:
- ISI will assess costs and benefits of space heating, lighting and electronic frequency converters in Germany;
- IEFE will assess these for energy recovery during waste recycling in Italy;
- Integration of latest research results of ISI into the publication "Social costs of Energy" and linkage with the ongoing US research on external costs of energy outside the DoE project;
- the dissemination of the basic ideas of the framework for evaluating external costs of energy in Italy.

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