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Network on monitoring, data reduction, databanks, modelling and simulation


The objective of this project is to generate technical and economic information which is relevant to design engineers and decision makers.
The main result is the software prototype developed to display information collected. The Renewable Energy Multimedia System (REMS) aims to bridge the gap between the scientific and technical experts and the developers. It allows expertise and experience to be shared so that the technology can be exploited. REMS was built using HTML (hypertext markup language), the language used for most documents available on the World-Wide Web. This software platform was selected so that the information can be placed on the Internet or on CD-ROM and any commercially available browsers can view the information. The multimedia information system has links to text, photos, graphs, audio and video information.
European renewable energy programmes have generated data which is relevant to researchers. This data is stored in databanks at different locations throughout Europe and is used mainly in the development of computer models. As the market for renewable energy system is developing there is an increased demand for information which can be used by designers to develop new products and by decision makers to plan new research programmes or to use renewable energy systems in regional applications.
The main topics covered are :
(1) Review of existing monitoring
procedures to identify the accuracy and relevance of the data which is stored in the various databanks throughout Europe.

(2) Definition of the information which is required by decision makers and system designers.

(3) Specify and develop software which can be used to assess the performance of photovoltaic, wind, passive solar and biomass systems or hybrid combinations of the different energy sources.

(4) Review software which is used to model and simulate renewable energy systems.

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