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Evaluation of the introduction of electric vehicles in several European cities


The objective of this project is to address the problems connected with the introduction of battery driven electric verhicles in urban areas. This should lead to the development of a methodology related to an EV infrastructure which may facilitate the introduction of EV transportation systems. This will be carried out by an inquiry which will lead to more detailed case studies of 10-15 towns to be selected. A final objective of this project is the identification of future R,D and D requirements in this field.

In a first phase, the project will be focused on drawing the characteristics of a number of European cities and to "portrait" these cities concerning their activities in the field of mobility, environment and present car future electric vehicle programmes? These data are to be gathered through direct contact with the city authorities and municipal services (CITELEC-AVERE). At the end of the first phase an intermediate report where the "portrait" of the studied cities is drawn and an evaluation of the activities in the field is performed will be submitted to the Commission (VUB-CITELEC-AVERE).

The second phase will focus on a group of 10-15 typical cities, selected, after consultation of the Commission (CITELEC-AVERE), on the base of the results of the first phase. The scope of the second phase is to study the impact of the introduction of electric (and hybrid) vehicles in the city, taking into account the characteristics of each particular city (CITELEC-cities). Yet the necessity of an integrated system approach to urban transport and mobility being evident, this study aims at an analysis of the interaction between the different transport levels.

At the end of the second phase, the local case studies will be brought together in a comprehensive final report (VUB-CITELEC) which will be a starting point for other actions aimed to practical introduction of electric vehicles. This report will insist on another aspect of accomplishment of this study namely the priority of description and preparation of implementation of the measures described. Among such implementation measures special attention will be paid to those leading to the preparation and launching of large scale demonstration projects using the analyzed new energy transport technology.

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