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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Research and development of a seismic imaging system


To develop a downhole seismic receiver system which can properly record borehole wall motion at high frequencies, free of system resonances and distortion. The system will centre around a borehole tool, referred to as a clamped 3-component receiver, which also contains the associated electronic package. It will be designed to meet most of the current requirements of the scientific community and the oil and gas industry.
The specific objective of this contract is to demonstrate that such a development, based on a combination of existing technologies developed separately by the partners, is feasible and could, with further development, play a significant role in research and in the industry.

The partners' existing technologies will be adapted and combined into a package meeting the industries' requirements. Detailed specification of these requirements will form an early stage of the work but, in broad terms, the borehole tool will need to operate satisfactorily in a downhole environment of >150 C, 100 MPa and with a maximum diameter of 4" (100mm).
The following tasks will be undertaken:
a. Agreement on outline specification for a fully developed tool. This will draw both on the partners' existing experience and on advice from potential users. The final specification will be agreed with the Commission.

b. Testing of the partners' existing mechanical, telemetry and digitizing systems in the context of the tool specification derived in (a) above, and definition of any modifications that may be required.

c. Construction and test of a basic demonstration unit. On the basis of the above tests, the partners will jointly design and construct a demonstrator tool system. The tool will be tested in existing boreholes at the CSMA test site. A standard oil industry 3-component clamped tool will be tested at the same time, and a comparative report prepared.

d. Final system specification. Based on all the above review and test data, the partners will jointly prepare a new borehole tool specification. The basis of this will be the original outline specification, modified and extended to incorporate all of the principal features required to make a fully operational borehole tool.

A brief external report will also be commissioned to determine the potential of the fully developed tool in the scientific, hydrocarbon and geothermal industries.

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