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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Development of a low-priced, small wind energy converter


The technology in bigger models, namely the ring generator was adapted to the small system. The rotor blades were made from plastic and epoxy resins reinforced with glass fibre. This model has no gear box noise and it requires little maintenance. As it is active instead of passive in operation, the system is quicker to react to wind changes and it is therefore safer, more accurate, efficient and reliable. The prototype developed is high quality while still low in weight and cost. It has been shown to be suitable for use in remote locations.
In the frame of this intention, the firm ENERCON would like to develop and produce a low-priced small wind energy converter.
This plant should address a wide sphere of applicants.
Preferentially the plants would be installed at sites with weak infrastructures, where no continous power supply is assured. Here we think primarily of less developed countries and threshold countries.
Through the profile of requirement "small" different requirements to the plant must be fulfilled. For example:
- Island-work must be possible
- continuous generation of currrent, free of fluctuations, also for less wind-speed.
- small weight
- easy mountable and installable
- small prime costs and working costs
The pant must be constructed as such as a series production of the main component parts is also possible in the countries of installation (know-how Transfer).
It should be developed a plantsize of 10 to 30 kW.
The costs of development related to the large wind energy converters are overproportional high, so that there are risks for intention, which should be reduced through convenient preliminary studies to a minimum. After the development of the plant, it should be installed into a test field. An independend institute will take the measurements and will prove it for its "export-fitness".
If this intentions succeeds, we see intermediately a worldwide rising demand for aswell plants of this magnitude.

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