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Development and industrial design of pv covered movable window blinds for indoor applications


The objective of the project is to develop suspended, movable window blinds
(as used for sun-shading purposes behind windows inside the building) covered with PV cells. A model unit of a PV cell covered movable window blind will be implemented. The following deliverables will arise from the project:
- Periodic reports and a final report
- Industrial design of blinds equipped with PV cells

.UL ON .PC 35 Brief Description of the Research Project This project is an applied research for study and development of an innovative application of
photovoltaic cells mounted over common movable vertical blinds, with the purpose of generating electricity in the meawhile the blinds are shading the incident sunshine. Local generation of electricity in the buildings by utilizing available solar energy is gaining moment for peak load reduction in the utility networks. Roofs and sunned walls are suitable supports for PV cells. In certain buildings where the window area is occupying relevant part of the facade, the vertical blinds are often used for shading excessive daylighting and glare, so that the same blinds may be designed in order to operate as solar energy converting devices. The work programme comprises: investigation of realistic shading patterns, identification of optimum basic blind material and optimum driving mechanisms for blind movements, consideration of different PV cell types, of their efficiency, colours, and arrangements, identification of reliable mechanical interface between blind material and PV cells, study of optimum series and parallel electrical connection and grid-connection, identification of low-cost PV cell protection for indoor application, realization of a real scale model, suggestion of modification for industrial design and identification of costs and benefits for large scale


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