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Intelligent combustors for fossil fuelled power production


As a first step towards design of fully controlled "intelligent" combustors, the aim of this study is to demonstrate the effects of high frequency acoustic excitations on emission characteristics of a fossil fuelled burner (expected achievement: reduction of about 30% of NOx emission) and enhancement of the operating range (expected achievement: reduction of about 12% of energy consumption).

It is known that high frequency excitations influence emissions of high frequency fossil fuelled burner and also its energy consumption, but only a few results are currently available and do not permit to further develop this technology. Existing combustor active control studies relate only to noise control.
This project will enable a significant move forward in an area where there is a proven need and market potential for pollution abatement. Pollutant levels and efficiency are to be measured versus operating conditions on an experimental burner equipped with an actuator and pollutant emission sensors.
Results will be used to evaluate the feasibility and potential benefits of this technique applied to an industrial burner and to assess the worth of investigating "intelligent" techniques of active acoustic control. The project is carried out by two research laboratories (Ecole Centrale de Paris, Technische Universität München), an industrial company (Bertin) deeply involved in combustion technology and active control techniques, and a major european manufacturer of boiler utilities (Viessmann). Due to the common and great interest of all partners for this concept a research group has been created: intelligent combustor network (ICN) although the work will be carried out with gas burners, the concept will be adapted for coal burners later on.

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