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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Encapsulation of coloured silicon and apollo thin film solar cells for innovative stylistic and architectural building designs


1. Design of innovative photovoltaic cladding elements using Cadmium Telluride thin film solar cells (Apollo cells) and colourized silicon solar cells.
2. Fabrication of silicon solar cells with 3-4 target colours with different brightness to match standard DIN-colours used for claddings to the extent possible.

3. Fabrication of up to 200 Apollo cell plates for cladding elements.
4. Electrical connection of the cells and encapsulation in a protective in-fill resin of silicon cells and Apollo thin film cell plates. The compatibility of the materials will be extensively investigated. The disposition of the cells inside the module will be alternated to create different patterns and different cell colours will be combined to obtain multicoloured cladding elements.

5. Appropriate environmental and electrical safety tests will be carried out in the laboratory and under natural conditions.
6. The prototypes should meet the aesthetic requirements and concepts of architects and cladding designers. A market study will be undertaken to meet customers demands for domestic as well as non domestic buildings.

CT930395.AB Description Of The Research Project: The general scope of the project is to develop multicoloured solar cells and corresponding modules as well as thin film Cadmium Telluride (Apollo) plates and corresponding large modules for aesthetical integration into European buildings with a large variety of different patterns and colours. The compatibility of all involved system components will have to be adapted within the project. Extensive testing will have to be performed with respect to environmental attack of the cladding modules, electrical data and safety, in order to ensure the reliability of the elements. The market will be studied from the beginning on of the work in order to focus yet during the product development phase on the customers' demands in the different European countries. The architectural application of photovoltaic modules as cladding elements in representative buildings has become a small but increasing market in Europe. Photovoltaic elements offer innovative design elements for architectural applications demonstrating the combination of modern multifunctional glass elements for the protection of the outer skin of buildings with thermal insulation, shading and energy conversion from sunlight.

The modules for solar facades have to be designed in such way as to meet the demands of architects and owners of buildings in different countries to ensure a perfect and aesthetical integration in local architecture. The results will be used to demonstrate the aesthetics of photovoltaic energy conversion in urban areas and to force the breakthrough of PV-solar façades in innovative architectures.

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