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Encapsulation of coloured silicon and apollo thin film solar cells for innovative stylistic and architectural building designs

Exploitable results

The modules used in solar facades have to be designed in such a way as to meet thedemands of architects and the building owners in different countries to ensuretheir perfect integration into the local architecture. The aim of this project was todevelop PV modules that contribute to and enhance the aesthetics of buildingsthat incorporate them into their design. This was to be achieved by integrating PVmodules into the building envelope by means of cladding structures using ApolloCadmium Telluride thin cells. The colour range of cells available was also to beexpanded through controlling the thickness in the deposition process for colouredsilicon cells. The compatibility of all of these system components was to be adaptedwithin the project. The architectural application of PV modules as cladding elementsin buildings has recently become a small, but established market in Europe. Toassess the commercial potential for these cells, a complete market survey was to becarried out under this action.

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