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Content archived on 2024-04-16

The Bio UCF (Ultracarbofluid): a liquid fuel oil substitution in boiler, diesel engine and gas turbine applications


This project aims at producing Bio UCF from a selection of charcoals. The quality of the fuel obtained will be optimized to be utilized in diesel engines and gas turbines as efficiently as possible.

The proposed research can be divided into 9 phases for a 30 month program:

Phase 1:

Charcoal production from SRC/optimization pyrolysis process (with regard to volatile matter content, grindability and hydrophobicity)

Phase 2:

Application of Bio-UCF process to SRC charcoal, modification, improvements

-laboratory scale
-pilot scale (continuous production)
(special attention given to: ash content, heat content, viscosity).

Phase 3:

Bio-UCF production (based on Birch-tree)

Phase 4:

Burner design and tests (mechanically aided pulverisation or pressurized air assistance)

Phase 5:

Diesel injection system tests (choice of best fitted injection devices)

Phase 6:

Boiler combustion tests (special attention given to: gas emission, particulate emission, fouling, yield)

Phase 7:

Diesel engine tests (yield, inflammation delay)

Phase 8:

Economic assessment (based on the work of the group coordinated by Dr BRIGEWATER)

Phase 9:

Final report


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