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All-solid-state lithium polymer supercapacitors


To transfer and develop all-solid-state lithium polymer battery technology to supercapacitors by studying electrolyte materials and building 60 Watt-prototypes over a two-year period with the following specifications :

power density : 2 kW/kg
energy density : 30 kJ/kg
service life : 50000 cycles
efficiency : 99 %
temperature range : 20 to 120 C

Storage of electric charge densities in double layer capacitors is far more efficient than with dielectric capacitors : higher densities and high cycle life, wider range of applications. The project run by INNOVISION, DK, and ALCATEL-ALSTHOM RECHERCHE, FR, consists in 5 parts :

1) Material research on electrolytes of high specific capacitance. ALCATEL and INNVOSION will define the best suitable porous carbon compound for the electrodes and analyse the electrochemical properties.

2) Process development : preparation and processing including mixing, laminating and coating of electrodes to increase the specific area (ALCATEL).

3) Laminate pilot production by INNOVISION.

4) Design and construction of supercapacitors with symmetrical and asymmetrical elements of different size and shape (ALCATEL, INNOVISION).

5) Characterisation and cycling tests (ALCATEL, INNOVISION) : conductivity and polarisation measurements to determine the specific energy density.

Tests on symmetrical elements : 10000 cycles with 20 % fade.
Leakage currents between 0 and 70 C = 1 microAmp/Farad.


Danionics A/S
21 J,hestehaven
5260 Odense

Participants (1)

Alcatel Alsthom Recherche
Route De Nozay
91460 Marcoussis