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Conversion of heavy petroleum cuts assisted by activated hydrogen generators in slurry


To study the conversion of petroleum cuts by finely divided catalysts in slurry and to get information about the mechanism of the thermo-catalytic transformation useful for a process development.

One of the key points in the treatment of heavy petroleum residues is the achievement of a very efficient hydrogen activation. The metallic sulphides of Mo, Co, Ni, Fe... can be used as a catalytic phase for this purpose. In order to avoid problems of bed plugging, catalyst should be very dispersed in the hydrocarbon phase. Catalyst will be formed in-situ with metallic or organo-metallic compounds, initially soluble in aqueous or organic phase, which then form in the presence of sulphur compounds a slurry of fine solid particles. This suspension of aggregates of metallic sulphides associated with carbonaceous matter promotes locally the activation of hydrogen and thereby allows a deep conversion of the residue without too fast coke formation.

The program will pay a particular attention to the scientific understanding of the so-called thermo-catalytic transformation as well as in the evaluation of the industrial feasibility of a competitive process.

The work program will be carried out in five main phases.

1) After a selection of the best catalytic precursors (Metals as Mo, Ni, Fe...) some screening tests will be performed to evaluate the performance of different systems. A detailed kinetic study achieved without catalyst (thermal process) and in the presence of catalyst (thermo-catalytic process) should allow a better knowledge of the transformation.

2) Characterization of the metallic aggregates will be done with a variety of physical techniques.

3) Feasibility of the process will be evaluated by pilot tests.

4) Feeds and products will by fully characterized.

5) Then the industrial partners should conclude by a technical economical evaluation.


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