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Soultz project phase IIa : logistical support and development of the site


To provide a test site at Soultz-sous-Forets for further geothermal Hot Dry Rock research, to be performed by German, French and British teams over the period 1990-1992.

The programmes of the partners involved in the general "Soultz Project" are oriented toward data collection in order to obtain all the necessary information for the feasibility study of a scientific Hot Dry Rock (HDR) prototype on this site.

As its contribution to the "Soultz Project" the Commission will support mainly the necessary drilling operations and a minimum level communal equipment on site (labs, office equipment, computers). BRGM will organize and manage the necessary sub-contracts.

The major sub-contracts will be for drilling, with the following tasks :

- Cleaning, casing and deepening ( 5"5/8) three former oil wells to reach the granite (depth ca. 1400 to 1500 m) then to penetrate inside the granite by some 30 to 100 m in order to allow implantation of seismic probes under the sedimentary coverage. This task will be realized by a French Company, FORACO.

- Cleaning, casing, deepening and extension in the granite of a fourth existing borehole by core drilling (diameter 94 mm to 123 mm) to a depth of 3200 m to 3500 m in order to realize an exploratory well at a depth as close as possible to the depth of the prospective HDR scientific prototype. This task will be undertaken by a British/German Consortium : KENTING/ GEWERKSCHAFT WALTER.


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