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European wind power integration study: the contribution from Italy


To investigate the potential and benefits of wind predictability, the interface problem of grid-connected wind farms, the issues related with wind farm costs and operation data.

The work program of the project covers several subjects related to the integration of wind farms into the electrical grid. ENEL takes part to the activities described below.

1)Wind farm - grid interface

The study will regard the analysis of the main electric aspect including:

- voltage disturbances
- harmonic limits
- reactive power compensation

Existing experience on the matter will be compared in cooperation with other contractors.

2) Wind predictability

ENEL will participate in an advisory group aimed to estimate the impact on its own system of a wind predictability model that will be developed by Denmark and U.K. climatological experts and that will be funded by the Commission.

3) Wind farm cost and operation

ENEL will provide information that will be available when the present plan for wind turbine installation will start. Information will regard installation cost, wind turbine characteristics, operation data.

NB : This contract is part of an important joint study on wind power integration that is specific for each European country. This group covers following contracts: JOUR-CT89-0022; JOUR-CT89-0023; JOUR-CT89-0028; JOUR-CT89-0029; JOUR-CT89-0030; JOUR-CT90-0041; JOUR-CT90-0042; JOUR-CT90-0043; JOUR-CT90-0044; JOUR-CT90-0049; JOUR-CT90-0088.


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