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Photovoltaic Dairy-farm in Pozoblanco, Cordoba ( Phase 2 )


The objective of this second phase of the project consists of the elaboration of a technological package allowing to define the PV system optimal configuration as a funciton of the climatic conditions and the size of the farm.

The contractors shall achieve the project goal by performing the following tasks :

1. Analysis of the actual system.

1.1. Continuation of the data acquisition in the plant through the next two years. Processing of the experimental data and comparison with the simulated ones.
1.2. Analysis and diagnosis of the plant operation and of each PV components behaviour with a special emphasis on the control system and its influence on the global performance. The results obtained at the conclusion of this part shall provide answers to some of the problems pertaining to stand-alone systems.

2. Optimisation of the plant operation

2.1. Analysis of different system configuration in terms of performance by the mean of the simulation code to that installation.
2.2. Study of an optimal energy to load management and analysis of its contribution of the global system operations and performance.
2.3. Definition of the optimal global configuration of PV system knowing the climatic conditions and the load profile.

3. Extrapolation of the results.
3.1. Achievement of a technical and economical analysis.
3.2. Extrapolation of the previous results to different climatic conditions and different farm sizes. This can be presented under the form of decision support software.


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