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Development of a European optical plankton analysis system : flow cytometer based technology for automated phytoplankton identification and quantification


In spite of the rapid progress of the past decade, the use of flow cytometry in the aquatic sciences is still hampered by a lack of suitable equipment tailored to the range of cell size, shape and pigment content encountered in phytoplankton
analysis. This project has the objective of developing a
user-friendly flow cytometer for phytoplankton analysis and
sorting with the following characteristics:

1) a large dynamic range;

2) an increased discrimination level by incorporating pulse shape analysis, light diffraction measurements, and video
imaging-in-flow of the individual particles;

3) the possibility of on-line identification with the aid of sophisticated data-analysis tools of cells for routine
shipboard analysis; and

4) a modular set-up of the instrument with a high degree of ease of deployment and operation.

This development will provide information in unprecedented
detail on the abundance, dynamics, and physiological
characteristics of phytoplankton, microzooplankton, and other aquatic particles. It is expected to open the door to a whole new area of research in aquatic ecology. If the technology
becomes operational, the taxonomists work will increasingly
shift from the laborious counting of individuals to
verification of species.

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