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Content archived on 2024-04-19

An integrated investigation of the fluid flow regime of the Mediterranean ridge


The fluid-flow regime of the Mediterranean Ridge (an
accretionary complex formed by the convergence of Africa and the Aegean) and its geochemical budget and relationship to
tectonic processes will be investigated with techniques that have proven successful in their application to other
accretionary complexes around the world. These investigations entail multibeam bathymetric mapping, imaging of the sea bed with deep-tow sidescan sonar, high resolution seismic
reflection profiling, measurements of heat flow and
pore-pressure gradients, pore-fluid geochemistry, coring and direct measurements of flow from vents. They will be
undertaken along a 350 km long corridor across the western
Mediterranean Ridge, from the Sirte Abyssal Plain to the
Hellenic Trench. Five areas within the corridor will be
studied in more detail, with most of the work being
concentrated in the region of the deformation front of the
accretionary complex, at its southwestern boundary.

The structural information provided by the seismic reflection and sonar data will enable the direct and indirect
measurements of fluid flow to be concentrated on sites of
potential fluid vents, such as fault outcrops and mud diapirs, where the highest rates of flow are expected. A benthic lander will be developed to measure the flow rates and fluid
geochemistry of the most active vents. Measurements of the
background values will also be taken in the intervening
regions. The development of fluid circulation models will form an important component of the interpretation of the data.
A special feature of the Mediterranean Ridge is the presence of shallow evaporites, which sets it apart from most other
accretionary complexes. The determination of the effect of
evaporites upon fluid flow is one of the major objectives of the project.

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