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Standard test methods for concrete permeability measurements


The durability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is determined by the resistance of the concrete against the penetration of aggressive media from the environment. Thus, the perviousness of concrete for various media may serve as a criterion to classify concrete durability. The objective of the project is the development of a proposal to CEN TC 104 of standard test methods and standard test procedures for the determination of the concrete gas permeability, the capillary suction rate for water and the chloride migration in concrete.

For typical mixtures of structural concretes these measured transport parameters are correlated to durability characteristics such as carbonation rate and abrasion resistance. The objectives include the development of standard preconditioning methods for samples in gas permeability measurements and capillary suction experiments, as well as the evaluation of different test methods with respect to their reliability and sensitivity for different concrete qualities. In two parts of the programme intercomparison testing is conducted to evaluate the performance of laboratories and their level of agreement in the determination of the material characteristics. For the preconditioning of samples a maximum duration of 14 days will be employed to achieve average moisture contents corresponding to equilibrium conditions with relative humidities of 55, 65, 75 and 85 % at 20 C, respectively. The remaining moisture gradients shall be less than 1 % water by mass of concrete.


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