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Rural area delivery of information and organisation


The main objectives of the Project are the:

- identification of existing applications, with the primary goal of identifying the level of diffusion of the Telematic Systems within the different rural areas of the European Community
- identification of the Potential Applications of Telematic System in Public and Community Services; particularly those that are in the position to have the most dramatic impact on the rural development and on the Citizens' life
- identification of technology requirements
- development of Pilot Application under the overall philosophy of "Bringing the Service to the Citizen" instead of "Bringing the person to the Service".

Technical approach

The RADIO project is based upon concrete work in five different European Regions.

The approach taken by the project involves:

- strong participation of potential users and Local Administrations (along with Service and Technology providers),
- integration of several different types of services mainly related to Public and Community Services, within the same applicative, technological and organisational context
- contemporary use of different organisational approaches: direct access to Telematic Services for skilled users, simplified Self-Service access for simple tasks of (casual or naive) users; technological assistance for complex tasks or individuals or organisations or Administrations
- careful exploitation of potential services already provided by Public and/or private organisations (mostly in urban areas), making them effectively available in rural areas
- flexibility with respect to Hardware, Communication and Basic Software Technology.

Key issues

The key issue for the RADIO project is to improve the relationship between the Citizen and Public and Community Services in European Rural Areas.

Expected Impact

The project will survey what is currently available, identify Pilot Applications, develop demonstrators for the Pilot Applications, assess the replicability in other European Regions of the work done, and prepare operational plans to transform the demonstrators into real-life applications.

Relationship to other projects and actions

The RADIO project will benefit from the results of other tasks and also provide input to other tasks, such as the Development of the Reference Model. In particular, a close relationship with the BIRD project and with related programmes, such as LEADER, Telematique, IMPACT, RACE, will be developed.

Testbed and verification

The project has the strong support of Public Administrations in selected Rural Areas. These will act as Sponsoring Partners, providing the needed testbeds and validation of the RADIO approach.


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