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This project will be carried out by Technology Development Centre of Finland (TEKES) to act as a promoter for Innovation Management Techniques. The project covers the whole area of Finland. The intention in this project is to utilise and disseminate existing, national or European, IMTs that have proved to perform well.

At first stage the following IMTs have been selected:
- Business strategy and technology analysis
- Strategy module (for hi-tech companies)
- Deep technology analysis
- Systematic product development.
The main objectives of this project can be divided into the following six tasks:
a) Identifying and promoting good methodological approaches on selected IMTs for the benefit of SMEs.
b) Disseminating the good practices of IMTs to consultancy companies and SMEs.
c) Identifying good foreign IMTs and transferring of them into Finland.
d) Encouraging SMEs to use newest technology in a strategic way.
e) Encouraging SMEs to use external help.
f) Testing of the applicability of selected IMTs for Finnish SMEs in 40 real cases.
The project pays a special attention to small or starting high-tech companies.
The foreseen number of consultancy assignments in SMEs for this project is 40. The assignments will consist of maximum 10 man-days of external consultancy using two 5 day modules. TEKES will arrange the selection and training of experts needed for this project. It will also build up the necessary quality control mechanisms.
The good practices of Finland and other European countries will be disseminated through seminars to reach a large number of SMEs, consultants and development organisations. The suitability of any new practices will be tested before their dissemination. The experience gained from Finland can be transferred to other countries through the appropriate Accompanying Measures. TEKES will co-operate with other development organisations to ensure necessary interfacing. It will also seek the appropriate exit mechanisms to ensure that the promotion of IMTs in Finland is continued after this project.

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