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Research and development of paramagnetic silica and dnajrna modification chemistries for applications in medicine, research, forensic science/ diagnostics and the environment


Molecular Sciences Ltd, (MSL) and Mira Diagnostic GmbH (Mira) have interest in the development and commercial exploitation of two discrete, but potentially overlapping, areas of science and technology for emerging applications in biomedical and environmental sciences. The technologies are :
(I) Paramagnetic silica and its use in diagnostics/forensic science, research, bio separation/purification, health and synthetic chemistry, and
(ii) DNA/RNA modification chemistries involving novel linker structures permitting the modification or manipulation of nucleic acids, for use in health (pharmaceutics), research and diagnostics. This Exploratory Award application is made in order to have sufficient funds to
(I) identify and negotiate with further suitable SME, academic/RTO and possibly other partners for a full application to be made, and
(ii)undertake the detailed planning and preparation and submission of full stage 2 proposals. The exploratory award would also be used to support work on novelty verification of the themes involved and market analysis to identify the best commercial targets for the project. It is anticipated that up to 2 years further work may be necessary after Stage 2 project completion to fully launch the products on world ma

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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