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Chickpea as a potential source of high-quality protein for food formulas


Plants provide essential elements (protein, photochemical) nutritionally healthy. Actually soybean is the most commonly used protein of plant for oil pressing, as protein for infant food formulas and meat substitutes for vegetarians. Problems are linked to soybean : dependence of European economy from USA exportation, increasing prevalence of alergenicity to its protein, apparition forgo Soya. Then, there is a need to explore another protein source for foods. The nutritional and functional properties of chickpea suggest that its elements have a high potential for use in foodstuff. Until now its potentialities have not been really studied. The aims of the project are- to develop novel chickpea types with a wide micronutrient spectrum (to suit a range of end products and direct uses),- to design and develop technical processes to prepare improved chickpea protein and photochemical products under pilot plant and factory conditions. It is expected to develop a new source of protein with low allergen city and high quality, a new source of non-nutritional factors and provide essential minerals and vitamins to create new foodstuff with improved nutritional value.

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