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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-18

Recombinant antibodies technology applied to methods for testing plant pathogens


The scope of the project is to produce a reagent for the detection of a plant pathogen by applying the recombinant antibodies (AB) technology. The regent will be embodied in an immunoassay to be used for the health control of agricultural productions. The test of improved performances is to supply the phytodiagnostic market The project intends to overcome the low efficiency of producing AB reagents of animal origin. A technological advance is achievable by introducing the technology of phage-display AB libraries into a whole in vitro process. The new production system will lead to a faster development of new tests for new targets as imposed by the high degree of plant pathogen diversity and therefore required by the market. The objective will be achieved by:
1) engaging the RTD performers and SME partners;
2) establishing the IPR consortium agreement;
3) implementing the downstream in vitro process;
4) implementing the SME exploitation plans.

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