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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Developpment of the complete ERTMS concept


The project is a part of a set of interlinked activities aimed at the development of a European wide common concept for a railway safe signalling system (ERTMS). In particular, the project covers
the main industrial activities relating to the system design and prototyping.

This includes those activities aimed at :

1. To define an overall ERTMS System concept and system architecture.
2. To extend and consolidate the subsystems and interface specifications on the basis of the outlined system architecture.
3. To elaborate a common framework of technical tests, including specification of test scope, test procedures and test tools. This includes, in particular the 'specification for the functional and interoperability tests to be carried out in the Madrid-Seville High-Speed Line '(ERTMS-EMSET project)
4. To develop a set of common test tools for laboratory and on-site testing.
5. To demonstrate the technical feasibility of the ERTMS System concept, including main critical subsystems, based on the laboratory and simulator tests.
6. To establish a common approach for the assessment of system safety.
7. To complete the technical ERTMS specification on the basis of EEIG users functional and system requirements.
To fulfill the interoperability requirements for the high-speed European rail network.
Creation of a set of common interoperability and technical specifications to be used as a European kernel for input towards standardisation activities.

Demonstration sites on "SNCF, DB, FS" networks + Madrid-Seville High-Speed line
Directive 91/440 - "The development of Community Railways" / Directive on the Interoperability of High-Speed Train Networks

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