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Content archived on 2024-05-07

European railways optimisation planning environment - transportation railways integrated planning


The EUROPE-TRIP (briefly TRIP - Transportation Railways Integrated Planning) is part of a wider initiative referred to as EUROPE (European Railway Optimisation Planning Environment) which is supported within the EU RDT Programme.
TRIP addresses the higher part of the rail planning process and aims to assist the management of infrastructure by providing a comprehensive model to represent the short and medium/long term planning of the railway system, taking into account the evolution of the European market and transport policies.
TRIP implements the specific transportation facets of the EUROPE programme, in order to:
a. define a business planning model of the rail system, focused on the management of infrastructure;
b. analyse the market structure and find mechanisms how the infrastructure must co-ordinate with the transport companies in providing access-to-track;
c. determine the cost of using the infrastructure;
d. evaluate the methods for assessing the capacity of rail lines, with particular reference to European corridors.
The project follows an experimental approach so as to engineer the Directive principles and incorporate a market
game approach to simulate the behaviour of market operators, via management science and game theory algorithms.
It provides the basis to determine a standard cost model for the EU Railways, in order to address track pricing and other investment policies. In addition it will use simulation as a leading tool in assessing the rail lines capacity, taking a European corridor as case study (i.e. Italy-France-UK). Finally the project aims to develop a prototype software model in order to demonstrate the research concepts and provide a tool to better disseminate its final results.

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