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Network on biomass (Bio-Electricity)


The objective of this study will be to prepare detailed plans for the establishment of Integrated Biomass Systems in four EU regions, namely: Lorraine(France), Aquitaine(France), Cork (Ireland) and Leon y Castille (Spain).
A second part of the study will examine future scenarios for regional biomass systems based on the most promising biomass technologies.
Business Plans for integrated biomass systems in Lorraine, Aquitaine, Cork and Leon Y Castille.
These regions were selected based on their activities in biomass and their interest in establishing local industries based on biomass.
The biomass technologies which will be used are:
- electricity generation using RME substituted for fossil fuel in conventional generators
- co-generation and co-firing of lignocellulose and woody material to supply electricity to utility grids or local industries.

Region Technology Applications
Lorraine, electricity generation using bio-oil 'peak' power generation.

Aquitaine. Co-generation using wood+forest * use in industrial

Cork Co-firing of lignocellulose and woody * electricity for biomass with coal. the national grid
Electricity generation using bio-oil

Leon y Co-generation using wood and forest * industrial sites Castille residues

Regional organisations supporting these activities are local authorities (e.g. Cork County Council and the Regional Charnbers of Lorraine and Aquitaine), LEADER Groups in the regions (e.g. IRD Duhallow, Cork), biofuel producers (ICI, Verdun), Private 'peak' electricity companies (CGC, Lorraine) and EMC2 (farming consortium)

The business plans will be the basis for the investment in integrated biomass systems in the four regions.

Feasibility study on future biomass scenarios.
This study will establish 'models' of integrated biomass systems at different locations in Europe using various biomass technologies. These models will be used for sensitivity analysis to study different scenarios based on changes in economic policy, agricultural and land use policy, environmental policy and social policy.

The work will cover the following topics:
- Review of biomass resources in the EU and a review of biomass technologies covering biomass,(crops and dry residues) and thermochemical conversion technologies (advanced combustion, gasification, advanced pyrolysis and biofuels for electricity generation).
- Development of a methodology for the establishment of integrated biomass systems at regional level
- Sensitivity analysis of the proposed systems to assess the impact of changes in economic, agricultural, environmental and social policies. - Set up of future biomass scenarios for the regions of Lorraine, Aquitaine, Cork and Leon y Castille and extension to other regions in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Greece.


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