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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-16

Laser manipulation of atoms and ions


A course has been provided which covered the different aspects of laser cooling and trapping for neutral atoms and ions in electromagnetic traps.
Subjects covered included: the fundamental basis of the momentum exchanges between atomic systems and electromagnetic radiation; mechanisms to reach the lowest temperatures in laser cooling; classification of forces in laser cooling and analyses of coherent trapping in different configurations.
Theoretical aspects of quantized motion in an ion trap and of the relations between quantum nondemolition measurements and laser cooling were also considered.

The experimental presentations included: the basis of molecular beams and configurations of electromagnetic traps; schemes for realizing laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms; ion trap configuration and regular and chaotic ionic motion and analyses of collisional processes for atoms with very low translational temperatures. The realization of narrow velocity atomic beams through Raman transitions represented the most spectacular new results. Attention was also devoted to recent experiments on atomic interferometry and to the quest for Bose-Einstein condensation with cooled atoms.

Reference: This entry describes a scientific course or conference sponsored by the European Economic Community (EEC).


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