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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-14

SME policy and the regional dimension of innovation


The main objective of the project is to analyse what characterises best practice innovation policy aiming at SMEs in different kinds of regions and sectors. This is done by comparative evaluation of existing programmes and policies to promote innovation in SMEs in different regions in seven European countries. A wide mix of regions and policy instruments is covered in the project. The different evaluations have the same theoretical background and main questions, and the evaluations include thorough examinations of effects at firm level.

The research will be based on new theoretical understanding of the innovation process, specified in the interactive innovation model, which points to new options for SMEs in innovation performance, and new possibilities in designing innovation policy aiming at SMEs.

The policy objectives are:

1. Distinguish a collection of best practice policy, and proposals for innovation policies aiming at SMEs, suited to different kind of regions and different kind of firms.

2. Transfer learning of best practice policy between the policy instruments and regions studied. This includes analyses of the possibilities for copying policy instruments between different geographical levels, e.g. to consider what EU can learn from succesful regional or national initiated instruments.

3. Inform and affect policy makers at regional, national and EU level regarding best practice innovation policy aiming at SMEs in different kind of regions.

The project will add new results to our understanding of innovation policy aiming at SMEs. Of particular importance is the comparative approach, and the use of new understandings in innivation theory in the evaluations.

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