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Crivet Unemployed. The effectiveness of labour market oriented training for the long term unemployed


The effectiveness of labour market oriented training programmes for the long-term unemployed arouses much interest among policy-makers as well as employers and unions. Nevertheless, there are doubts about the effectiveness of such training programmes which concern both the extent to which they serve its target group as well as the outcomes.

The core aim of the project is to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn't work in training for the long-term unemployed through the comparative analysis and evaluation of such programmes.

More specifically the objectives of the project are:

1) develop a set of hypothesis with regard to effectiveness;
2) test these hypothesis in order to identify the important parameters (e.g. organizational characteristics, contextual conditions);
3) develop a multilevel model (several parameter model) of effectiveness of training;
4) test its applicability in different European countries;
5) investigate and interpret the differences between countries;
6) provide decisions makers with recommendations for improvements of training programmes;
7) develop a monitoring instrument for individual managers of programmes to assess the effectiveness and quality of their own training programme.

The work will be carried out by empirical elaboration of conceptual models by means of case studies of a restricted number of training programmes or schemes within each of the participating countries.

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