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The Evaluation of Social Policies Against Social Exclusion at the Local Urban Level


This research project aims at developing an evaluation methodology of the impact on the processes and causes of social exclusion of measures of integrated income support at the local urban level.

The goal of the project is threefold:

* to develop a comparative model for collecting data and build indicators in the area of social policies;
* to develop a comparative methodology of evaluation which might be useful not only for researchers but for policy makers, at least at the local level;
* to train a transnational group of social policies evaluators.

Integrated income support measures are meant to comprise:

* nationally or locally regulated systematic measures of income support, i.e. "Revenu Minimim d'Insertion" in France, "Sozialhilfe" in Germany, "Minimo Vitale" in Italy, "Programas de acçâo social e communitarian" in Portugal, "Ingreso Minimo de Insercion in Spain", "Socialbidrag" in Sweden.
* measures which either compulsorily or de facto integrate income support in order to help those receiving it to develop their own capabilities: training and job insertion programmes, counseling services and activities which help the individual or the family to recuperate relational and behavioral skills and capabilities.

The main result of the project, an evaluation model of social policies against social exclusion at the local urban level , will be designed to be used not only by social analysts but also by policy makers and local administrators to monitor their own decisions and policies.

The carrying out of the project will give rise:

* to the re-organization and exemplary utilization of existing data sets.
* to the development of a methodology for constructing data bases in social policies.
* to the construction of comparative indicators of efficacity and efficiency of policies.
* to the comparative evaluation of the performance of integrated income support measures in six countries (FR, D,I, PT, ES, SE) and between 12-17 cities.
* A follow-up meeting will be organized in November-December 1996 on the basis of consolidated national reports including an evaluation of the policy performances and of the needed changes in the data bases.
* A concluding meeting will be organized in September 1997 where an overall evaluation of the project will be made, on the basis of consolidated national reports and cross-national comparative reports on specific policies/situations. They will include an evaluation of the policies under study and a report on feed back by local actors.

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