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Modelling and Methodology for analysing the interrelationship between external developments and european transport


There are three main objectives:

- to produce transport demand scenarios for the EU for 2020 and beyond. These scenarios are made up of external, socio economic scenarios, and sets of policy scenarios. A detailed method for developing internally consistent EU scenarios will be documented (Work Area 12)
- to develop detailed forecasts of factors which will affect transport demand into the future. These forecasts are used to inform the development of the scenarios. A databank of variables, covering EU countries and a range of countries in Eastern Europe, will be produced. (Work Area 10)
- to extend (to Eastern Europe) and enhance (with new data) a strategic transport model of the EU and carry out model runs based on the scenarios. This model will be linked to an 'appended' module on freight, to demonstrate how models working at different levels of aggregation can be connected in a consistent way. Other (existing) regional transport models will also be run to study the impacts of different scenarios, and the results compared with those of the strategic model (Work Area 11)

Transalpine corridor
East - West priority corridors
SCENES is a Phase B project which builds on the two Phase A projects - STREAMS and SCENARIOS. Work Area 10 is linked to OD ESTIM, INFOSTAT and ASSEMBLING, WA11 is linked to EUNET, MYSTIC and STEMM, and WA12 to POSSUM and SAMI

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