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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-16

Transformation and removal of N-compounds in the marine atmosphere


The objective is to describe the physical and chemical processes involved in the transformation and removal of nitrogen compounds from the marine atmosphere.
The overall picture derived from the work in this project is that while deposition processes of course control the air-sea fluxes of nitrogen compounds, the overall dilution of the atmospheric boundary layer with respect to nitrogen compounds are more controlled by the entrainment processes at the top of the boundary layer, both under a clear sky and especially in the presence of clouds. Clouds, by controlling the wet deposition processes (rain out and wash out), entrain the pollutant into the free troposphere, thereby detraining the boundary layer. Considering the free troposphere the main source processes for the nitrogen compounds are the entrainment processes at the top of the atmospheric boundary layer.
It is expected that the project will produce:
a parametric description of the humidity and aerosol conditions in the marine atmosphere or boundary layer as a function of wind speed and air sea temperature difference.
the deposition rate for particulate concentrations in the function of these parameters;
a description of nitrogen dioxide and nitric acid transfer rates;
a model describing the net effects of wet removal and wet phase chemistry in the marine atmosphere;
and an integrated description of the fate of nitrogen compounds in the marine atmosphere.


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