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Development and on-road testing of a natural gas-electric hybrid city bus prototype with extra low emissions


The realisation of a working prototype, combining electric traction with on-board electricity generation using natural gas leads, if validated by accurate on-road tests, to a vehicle with European dimensions which would beat the range limits of pure electric vehicles using a clean technology.
The development of a well-designed natural gas-powered generation unit allows to have an on-board energy production respecting the environment and saving energy.

The project has the aim of building an innovative vehicle for urban transport. The main goal is to improve the whole traction system to have a relevant energy saving and to reduce the environmental impact due to exhaust gas emissions (CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, particulate), dust dispersal from various chassis components (brakes, clutches, etc.) and noise.

ALTRA's experience on hybrid systems, TNO's on CNG engines and CITELEC's in the field of testing led to a 12 m long CNG-HYBRID bus prototype, more similar to a normal bus than to an on-road laboratory.

The achieved results on fuel consumption and energetic balance are very interesting for this state of development. A second stage of improvements is expected for noise generation insulation and cooling, new type of batteries, cylinders homologation.


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