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CINCAT will develop to near-operational level a set of air traffic management tools for increasing airspace capacity during the on-route phase of flight. Cooperation between research and industrial partners will speed up this kind of development. Although selected to achieve increased capacity, tools will be designed and implemented to accommodate future developments in telematics yielding even bigger benefits. They will comprise components such as a Trajectory Predictor, Conflict Probe and Flight Path Monitors. There will be full user representation throughout the life-cycle of the project.

This project will develop, to a near operational level, a set of air traffic management tools which will be designed to provide an increase in airspace capacity during the en route phase of flight. It is intended to accelerate the development process by cooperation between research and industrial partners. The results of work already carried out within the Programme for Harmonised Air Traffic Management Research in EUROCONTROL (PHARE) and other European and national programmes will be integrated into this project where this will be beneficial.

It is intended to produce a set of computer assistance tools comprising a Trajectory Predictor (TP), Conflict Probe (CP), Flight Path Monitor (FPM) and Cooperative Tools (CT) consisting of a Filtering Device, Activity Predictor, Extrapolation Tool and Surveillance Aid.

This cluster of tools has been selected to achieve a capacity increase in their own right, but will be designed and implemented with future telematics in mind, in order that further developments on this set of tools can be implemented thereby achieving even greater benefits.

User involvement is critical to the success of this project and emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the user will be represented throught the life cycle of this project.

The consortium is committed to the exploitation of the computer assistance tools around the year 2000 and will be utilising the expertise of its industrial partners in this area.

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