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Ecology and sustainable semi-natural management of indigenous forests in Central South-East Asia


In the context of the rapidly decreasing forest areas of Central SouthEast Asia and the associated social and environmental problems, the project aims at improving the understanding of the ecology, structure and dynamics of indigenous forests and their successional trends and of their sustainable silvicultural management on a semi-natural basis - under aspects of economic efficiency as well as social acceptability and environmental stability. Until now, very little research has been conducted into the natural forest of the region. Ecology and silviculture are poorly understood and their potential underestimated.
To this end the objectives include research into underlying ecological processes of natural and secondary forests, silvicultural management techniques for natural and secondary forests and Eor reforestation with native species, socio economic impact analysis of semi-natural management, and the interaction of these factors.
The protected areas and the surrounding buffer zones of the Thung Yai Huai Kha Khaeng UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand will serve as study sites. Here, the main evergreen as well as decidous forests and vegetative types of Continental South-East Asia are represented and the results gained can be directly applied in the buffer Zone management.
The project will initially last for 4 Years, commencing in 1994. It is carried out as an institutional venture of three universities. The envisaged cooperation will benefit the research institutions involved through improved research capacities, information exchange, and the complementary eefects of an interdisciplinary approach. The prospect of lonq term cooperation and an associated continuity of personal contacts will give the research work additional thrust, making the project a comprehensive approach to the semi-natural management of natural and secondary forests in Thailand and Central South-East Asia. Both in terms of research topics and in point of time within forest successions the results can be extrapolated to other forest areas of CSEA.


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