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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

Campaigns for Awareness using Media and Publicity to assess the responses of individuals


1. To identify Information Management & Awareness Campaign (IMPAC) methods and strategies aiming at influencing travel behaviour in favour of sustainable transport modes and at enhancing the awareness of the public and the image and attractiveness of these.
2. To record systematically and assess the future trends and perspectives for development of transport marketing through a pan European survey of transport decision makers and of publicity and media professionals.
3. To develop a userfriendly computer prototype (MIRTO), orientated towards transport policy makers and marketing professionals, as a guide for optimal IMPAC strategies and as a tool for evaluating the effects of the various media used therein.
4. To test in situ and evaluate innovative strategies for IMPAC aiming at the promotion of sustainable urban transport with and without the prototype.
5. To elaborate recommendations and guidelines regarding the main features of IMPAC focusing on their purpose, content, target destinations, media and displays.
6. To achieve a widespread dissemination of the project outcome within and beyond the Transport RTD Programme.

Nantes (FR)
Patra (GR)
Torino (IT)

Case studies:
Madrid region (ES)
Thessaloniki (GR)
Dormagen (DE)
Links with INPHORMM (main link), OPIUM, DANTE, WALCYNG, CAPTURE, TRANSPRICE, CONCERT-P projects from the Transport RTD Programme

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