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The project can be broken down into three major areas of research :
* the collection and synthesis of data on waste and pollution resulting from routine maritime operations ;
* the design of a model to describe environmental changes resulting from improved technologies and the widening application of the MARPOL rules ;
* the definition and resting of possible solutions for the improved management and treatment of ship generated waste.

The results of the data synthesis will be used as the starting point to devise a model to characterise the environmental changes resulting from improved technologies and the widening application of MARPOL
rules. Using the model this programme will attempt to establish a relationship between improvement and cost and to suggest realistic objectives at reasonable cost.

The results from the data analysis exercise will also be used to assist in drawing up the specification for commercially viable improved waste management systems. A review of current practice will provide the
baseline for this phase of the research programme. Methods of exploitation of these systems will be put forward.

In detail the objectives are :
* To analyse operational waste produced by ships
* To assess the impact of MARPOL rules on the port environment in Europe
* To develop a conceptual model to investigate the indicators in the natural environment which are affected by pollution from ships and the changes in these indicators as a result of MARPOL
* To implement the model to simulate the functions and responses of the system
* To identify the constraints on possible improved waste management systems
* To define, evaluate and test possible solutions for the improved treatment and management of ship generated waste
* To propose policy guidelines

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