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Safety of shipping in coastal waters : Demonstration of risk assessment techniques for communication and information exchange


The overall objective for SAFECO II is to devise improved technologies and organisation for internal/external communication and to demonstrate the application of risk analysis methods to assess economical benefits and safety improvements of the devised solutions for total quality operations.
1. Prototype of the Collision Avoidance Advisory System (CAAS) integrated with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display) and with a transponder interface.
2. Prototype of the Simulator Exercise Assessment system (SEA) which also forms relevant input to the standardisation process.
3. An updated version of the Marine Accident Risk Calculation System (MARCS) which includes risk factors related to the communication aspect of marine transportation and consequence models for economical and environmental impacts.
4. Based in identified problems, a conceptual description of technologies, procedures and regulations for improved communication in maritime transportation will be given. This information will form a relevant input to the development of international guidelines and standards.
5. Example of Formal Safety Assessment based on IMO guidelines which serve as an example of a cost/benefit analysis for decision making.

The risk assessment techniques will be demonstrated by means of three case studies covering the English Channel, the Rotterdam Port approach area and the North Sea.
SAFECO II is related to MARCOM, COMFORTABLE, MASSTER, VASME, ATOMOS II, DISC, MASIS, RINAC, METHAR and VTMIS. Moreover, the project will follow the developments within the concerted actions on Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) and Casualty Analysis and within the network on VTMIS-NET.

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