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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Analysis of the Cost Structures of the main TEN Ports


Assessment of the positive and negative impacts resulting from the introduction of new charging and financing principles both on the European port system as a whole and on different types of ports (e.g. ports can be classified in terms of ownership structure, traffic flow diversification, port functions, etc.).

A comprehensive state-of-the-art analysis in order to include all impacts that have been identified in the relevant port economics, academic and professional literature.

Identification of existing practices and the practical relevance of potential impacts where these practices changed will be explained and assessed by those who implement specific port financing and port charging systems in the European port sector, i.e. the port authorities themselves and the regional/national agencies responsible for administering financing and pricing schemes. The views of these actors as well as those of a number of key organisations such as ESPO, FEPORT and ECSA will be explicitly taken into account when assessing possible impacts.

Given the outcomes of the above mentioned a number of simulations will be performed associated with introducing alternative pricing and charging schemes in the European port system. The results of these simulations will then be compared with experiences in countries where such schemes (e.g. cost recovery) have already been implemented.


The project's main links are with the Commission's Green Paper on Seaports and Maritime Infrastructure (COM (97) 678 final, 10 December 1997) and with the Commission's policy on extending the TEN-T to include, inter alia, seaports (see, e.g. Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision no. 1692/96 EC as regards seaports ...; COM (97), 681 final, 10 December 1997). In a broader sense it is also related to the Commission's policy development on infrastructure pricing and intermodal transport.

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