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VIB International Postdoctoral Program to boost '-omics' technologies throughout the institute


VIB is a life science centre of excellence in Flanders (Belgium) established in 1996. We have gained valuable experience in selecting, training and employing young researchers, amongst others thanks to our International Ph.D. Program. Only 5 years after the start of this program, VIB’s student population has grown from 275 Belgian students into a dynamic community of nearly 400 students, representing 38 nationalities.
The COFUND support will allow VIB to establish a postdoctoral program with ambitions transcending the goals of the current Ph.D. program. Besides the structuring effect resulting from the Ph.D. Program, the COFUND program is designed to further boost the introduction of ‘–omics’ approaches (genomics, proteomics, interactomics, bioinformatics, systems biology …) in the various research groups of VIB. Moreover, the program will provide a platform for interdisciplinary approaches, intensified training opportunities and personalized career coaching .
COFUND researchers will become member of one or even two VIB groups for a period of three years. Their postdoctoral project will be designed in close collaboration with the group leader(s) of their choice, with a special focus on further integrating ‘–omics’ approaches in the current research of the group. The new postdocs will be embedded in the VIB community, with access to all centrally organized state-of-the-art technology platforms, training & support activities and institutional information channels. During their stay at VIB, their group leader(s) and VIB’s HR manager will coach them to design their personalized future career path.
At VIB, COFUND researchers will do frontline research, enabling them to build an excellent publication record and curriculum in an environment infected by the spirit of excellence in science, technology, and technology transfer. They can build on VIB’s extensive international and industrial network to become full members of the European Research Area and beyond.
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Research Organisations

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€ 2 910 432

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Rik Audenaert (Mr.)

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Grant agreement ID: 267139


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  • Start date

    15 December 2011

  • End date

    14 June 2017

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    € 7 276 080

  • EU contribution

    € 2 910 432

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