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"Investigation of LTE-Advanced for Network Behaviour, Energy and Intelligent Transportation Systems"


"The usage of new internet-based services with the wireless mobile devices has an unlimited potential as we have just witnessed in the Egyptian revolution and disaster relief in Haiti. However, currently available wireless cellular technology 3G has been unsuccessful in delivering multimedia with acceptable level of quality due to the low transmission rate and high service costs. Thus, a 4G standard LTE-Advanced has been developed intended for larger capacity and higher speed of mobile networks. However, despite its promising potential, LTE-Advanced-based technology is still at infant stages and there is much work need to be done for wider commercial operation. The objective of this application is to advance 4G-based wireless mobile network utilizing multidisciplinary research approach. It is a step toward attainment of my long-term career goal, which is to further develop my expertise in wireless network communications while advancing academic career. The motivation of the project is that evaluating LTE-Advanced-based protocols and applying the technology for practical applications will improve our mobile communication. The rationale for the proposed research is that once effective LTE-Advanced-based technologies are established, it enables a wide range of commercial operation throughout the world thereby stimulating economy in EU countries where major mobile communication industries are concentrated. Furthermore, the general population will be benefited from 4G-based mobile communication services, which are currently not available e.g. Intelligent Transportation Systems. I plan to accomplish my objective by pursuing the following Workpackages (WP): Specific WP1) Evaluate LTE advanced protocols to identify potential bottleneck of LTE network, Specific WP2) Develop an energy-efficient wireless network solution, Green Network, for LTE/LTE-Advanced, Specific WP3) Apply LTE/LTE-Advanced communication technology to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)."

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Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Campus Valla
581 83 Linkoping
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 75 000
Administrative Contact
Di Yuan (Prof.)