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Complex Media Investigation with Adaptive Optics

Final Report Summary - COMEDIA (Complex Media Investigation with Adaptive Optics)

The COMEDIA project (Complex Media Investigation with Adaptive Optics), led in Paris by Sylvain Gigan, aimed at encompassing several challenges of light propagation in complex media, a notably hard and multidisciplinary problem, ranging from biology to fundamental physics, Optics, etc. The tool of choice for this purpose was wavefront shaping : the ability to control and pattern light, allowing to gain knowledge on the medium itself, and develop new applications. Along the course of the project, we have shown a complex medium can be not only peered into for imaging, but also turned into a information compressor, an optical tweezer for nanoparticles, a controllable laser, a quantum network, etc. In essence, using wavefront shaping, one can exploit the complexity of multiple scattering and turn it into a wealth of useful devices, opening endless possibilities for unexpected applications, as well as for fundamental understanding subtle physical phenomena.