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Development and Test of Fluidic Actuators for Active Flow Control Applications

Development and Test of Fluidic Actuators for Active Flow Control Applications


Active flow control by means of pulsed blowing has proven to be effective and efficient to delay or avoid flow separation on aerodynamic bodies and therefore increases their operating range. Such active flow control systems, however, require effective, efficient and reliable flow control actuators, the design and validation of which is the aim of the proposed project.
Based on previous work on fluidic actuators at TUB, the most promising starting point for the development of a large scale actuator is chosen. Once this concept is finalized, numerical studies are used to optimize the inner shape of the fluidic switches and actuator chambers, as well as the air routing towards the fluidic actuators. The most promising actuator designs are then provided as input for an advanced fluidic actuator design process, during which several prototypes are produced and tested, using pressure and particle image velocimetry measurement techniques, to further enhance the actuators’ performance. The experimental design process will also comprise the integration of single element fluidic actuators into actuator arrays, each of which can be driven by one centrally generated pneumatic control signal. After the design freeze, a mock-up is manufactured as a subsystem demonstrator and its performance is investigated thoroughly. The fluidic actuator is then downscaled to fit into the flap of a large scale wind tunnel model as described in the CfP. A prototype of this downscaled actuator is manufactured, its performance is documented and the prototype is supplied to a SFWA partner.
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    1 February 2011

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    31 July 2013

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