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Design of polymer optical fibre gratings for endoscopic biosensing purposes

Final Report Summary - PROSPER (Design of polymer optical fibre gratings for endoscopic biosensing purposes)

Any biosensor is made up of two parts: a bioreceptor that detects an analyse and a transducer that transforms the signal resulting from the biological interaction into a quantifiable signal. The main objective of the PROSPER project is to transform an optical fibre (preferably in polymer) into a bioanalytical tool capable of medical diagnosis. The achievements obtained in the course of the project are summarised hereafter:

- Photowriting of Bragg gratings in step-index PMMA optical fibers using a continuous-wave HeCd laser emitting at 325 nm and the phase mask technique, on the one hand, and a frequency-doubled infrared femtosecond pulses laser on the other hand.

- Evidence that the ultimate refractometric sensitivity of plasmonic optical fiber gratings can reach 10-8 RIU (refractive index unit).

- Assessment of plasmonic optical fiber grating immunosensors into fresh biopsied lung tissues, opening the path towards the in vivo diagnosis of lung cancer.