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Manipulation of trapped quantum polariton fluids

Final Report Summary - POLARITRONICS (Manipulation of trapped quantum polariton fluids)

Polaritons are quasi-particles made out of electronic excitations in a solid, and photons confined between the two mirrors of a microcavity. If the coupling is strong enough, we obtain these polaritons which are bosons with a very small mass. Polaritons have been demonstrated to form Bose Einstein condensates, and also they are superfluid. The project POLARITRONICS aims at studying the physical properties of polaritons that might prove useful for devices, and to propose innovative structures for possible applications. In particular, we have studied the interactions between polaritons, an information essential for any practical implementation.
We have performed detailed experiments to measure very accurately the different parameters of these interactions and this allowed us I particular to evidence, for the first time for polaritons, the existence of a Feshbach resonance that allows to fine tune such interactions (Nature Physics). In parallel, we have developed and improved, over a series of 4 papers where experiments are carefully confronted with existing theories, a more accurate model (the polariton Bloch Equations) allowing to understand all the specificities of the interactions between polaritons (Physical Review, and a long paper review in the Comptes rendus de l’Académie des Sciences).
Along similar state of mind, we have studied, once again first experimentally, and then theoretically the subtelties of the bistable behavior of polaritons confined in strucutres of a few microns only. This has allowed us to discover very interesting effects linked with Stochastic resonance.
A last important line of study, linked with our development of a new photon detection technique with unprecedented time resolution, is the measure of correlations in the photon emission from a polariton quantum fluid, a direct image of the correlation of the fluid itself.