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Genetic and physiological regulation of skin red colour development on apples under high temperature environments: Genetic tools for developing heat tolerant red-skinned apples


This project is a multidisciplinary initiative enabling the exchange of scientists among three research institutes internationally recognized for their skills in fruit tree biology. This is a unique opportunity to partner these key institutes and combine their skills in plant genomics, biotechnology, plant physiology, postharvest and apple breeding to bring a unique outcome. The objective of the project is to build on the knowledge developed in the previous project funded by the European Commission (REDHOTGEN), in which the genetic and physiological basis of the regulation of skin red colour development in apples grown under high temperature environments was partially established, to identify the genes involved in expression of red colour development under high temperatures and develop appropriate genetic markers to be used in breeding programmes for new apple cultivars combining intense red skin colour and high nutraceutical properties, as well as high eating quality. The new cultivars will firstly improve the economic competitiveness of the EU apple industry in Southern European countries and then further northwards, as climate change affects the quality of existing and new apple varieties grown here. The improved appearance of the apples will be a key factor, that together with improved eating quality will increase the consumption of fruit with health-enhancing properties, and consequently improve the health of European citizens. A complementary objective that will enable these outcomes is to gain knowledge on how cultivar, strain, carbon balance and temperature regulate the anthocyanin physiological pathway and interact with genetic regulation. The results obtained will enable the application of genomics to deliver economic benefits to the EU as a “springboard” for further applications. The results will contribute to food product innovation within Europe by assisting with the development of new and improved fruit cultivar.

Field of science

  • /agricultural sciences/agriculture, forestry, and fisheries/agriculture/horticulture/fruit
  • /medical and health sciences/basic medicine/physiology

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

MC-IRSES - International research staff exchange scheme (IRSES)


Ctra C-59 Km 12 Torre Marimon
08140 Caldes De Montbui Barcelona
Activity type
EU contribution
€ 18 900
Administrative Contact
Jordi De La Cuesta Fernández (Mr.)

Participants (1)

EU contribution
€ 21 000
Via Edmondo Mach 1
38010 San Michele All'adige
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Michela Troggio (Dr.)