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MVision programme intends on building a particularly favourable environment to train and reinforce career development of best researchers in biomedical imaging. Foundation Madri+d (a public foundation dependent on the Madrid Regional Government) will count with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to catalyze fellowships biomedical imaging education and research.
The objectives of the project are: (i) leveraging Madrid’s investment in biomedical imaging infrastructure and clinical network and MIT’s experience in integrating biomedical imaging research and education (ii) attracting and nurturing top talents by providing broad-ranging education and research experiences in cutting edge biomedical areas (iii) promoting work that is translational and posed for impact in medicine and healthcare (iv) creating a network of professionals in the academic, medical, industry and government sectors.
MVision in its 60 months length will offer 30 fellowships to experienced researchers under adequate researcher labour conditions to develop research projects in the frame of hosting institutions (universities, research centres, pharmacies, chemistries or hospitals).
MVision offers the opportunity to receive top level customized training in Madrid and Boston, helping fellows to design their research projects during the first year and providing them two to three years to implement their individual driven research projects in a wide range of hosting institutions. Fellows will benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and existing networks of hosts and MIT, and will be encouraged to foster long term relationships.
Researchers will be selected by an international panel through a transparent evaluation process following the European Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researches and the Charter for Researchers.
The regional government of Madrid believes MVision Programme is a long-term investment in order to become a world known centre for biomedical imaging.

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María Jesús García-Alarilla Y Palacio (Ms.)
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€ 2 680 728