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China-EU FDI

Final Report Summary - CHEUFDI (China-EU FDI)

The CHEUFDI (China-EU FDI) project, now over, aimed at providing a comprehensive outlook of Chinese companies’ investment behaviour in the EU, together with an assessment of their positive and negative impacts on the European economy and growth strategies. The objectives were to map and analyse outward Chinese investments in the EU, highlighting their areas of concentration and countries/sectors of choice, and to evaluate their impact on the EU recovery.
In the four years the project has been carried out, a series of objectives have been reached, as detailed below.
First of all, the analysis and the scientific results (some of them still to be published) have been the results of a joint work of the three cooperating institutions, Coventry University Business School (CU), Grenada University of Economics (UGR) and Jiangxi University of Economics and Finance (JUFE) over the years. They have managed to function as a one working group for investigation on the Chinese presence in Europe, in an effort of coordination that will continue even after the end of the project.
CHEUFDI provided an excellent opportunity for training and research in international business studies to graduate and post-graduate students, which have been regularly involved in the activities over the years. Moreover, three of them are now pursuing their PhD toward a permanent position in the cooperating institutions.
At a scientific level, the project carried out a much-needed mapping exercise of Chinese investments in Europe directly in China, by surveying and interviewing some of the companies that are currently investing in Europe. A dataset generated by the project is under preparation and will be later on made available to the scientific community for further research.
Finally, dissemination activities and publication of results under various format have been a constant feature and every year produced outputs and even exceeded the expectation. This is going to continue when the scientific articles now in progress will eventually appear on journals. All the information regarding outputs can be retrieved from the individual profiles of the investigators that have participated in the project. Likewise, all enquiries regarding further updates can be directed to the three cooperating institutions: